No need to suffer blog – by Tara Argall, M.Ed, “The Suffering Slayer” and Founder and Creator of Trailblazing Communications

Tara Argall, M.Ed, has been around the block a few times in the 5+ decades that she has been on this planet. She has tried and done many things. Included in her life resume: she is a mom of two grown children, and has been married to her first husband for most of her adult life. Tara is an accomplished artist, working in many different mediums, and is an animal communicator and has been for all of her life. She recently ended her 20+ year gig as a mental health counselor working in private practice to pursue her passion in energy medicine. Versed in many energy modalities which includes Reiki, Bodytalk, myofascial release, homeopathics, essential oils and Bach flower essences. She loves to be outdoors, hang with her husband, adult children and her multiple of fur babies. The number changes depending on whomever wanders on the property. Tara and her husband’s goal is to have many adventures and are typically one bad decision away from being their communities next double silver alert. Tara is the founder and creator of The Trailblazing Communications Whole Life System® and sees her mission to be solely and collectively with Trailblazing Communications® a “Slayer of Suffering.” She views most suffering as optional and finds most of what she focuses on is creating hope, insight and empowerment through everything that she undertakes. Her blog focuses on and takes serious topics and makes them playful and approachable.

All of us are subject to the “voices in our head.” We all have them because we all have been through life a bit and have had parents, teachers and others that want to teach us or discipline us and have shared their bits of wisdom with their best of intentions in their own unique style. Sometimes those styles are healthy, supportive and healing and sometimes those styles are shaming, harsh and full of ultimatums or something in between. Those lessons can stick! We can become inspired by them, guided by them, comforted by them or we can become haunted and tortured by them. “Look both ways before you cross the street.” “Do unto others as you would want them to do unto you.” “Always do your best.” “You should know better, what were you thinking?” “You are lazy; you should try harder.” “No pain, no gain, push.” The list could go on and on. The sticky part is that we carry on those messages allowing them to replay on auto-pilot over and over and over.

These messages can take on a life of their own as we grow into our adult lives. They can be like tapes that play continuously on repeat in our heads. We suffer when we just allow those messages to continue on without challenging them. They will not just go away on their own. We need to identify them as being hurtful and then take the action needed to remove them and replace them with something more inspiring and loving. Nobody thrives on harshness or meanness. If you are not aware of your self-talk in the first place you need to start paying attention. They are often so automatic that we just run on auto-pilot. We may be so used to that way of talking to others and ourselves that we think it is normal. We may be too busy to care and just keep plugging along. Whatever your situation is there is hope.

If you find yourself feeling bad, push yourself too hard or not at all. If you get way too much done at the expense of your health, well-being and joy or struggle to meet your goals or to get things happening that you wish you could, you may be subject to this phenomenon. These unchallenged messages can literally eat us alive and steal us of our joy and health. We really do not need to receive all the merits and awards at the office. We really do not need to keep up with the Jones’s. In fact, who the heal are the Jones’s anyway? You get to determine what brings you true fulfillment and joy. Your joy could come from just doing a job well or making someone else smile. It could come from make something work better. The real truth here is that you can find joy in almost any situation or environment if you have self-love. Self-love comes from quieting the voices in your head that are not your own loving thoughts and encouragements or those of your Divine helpers and guides. If the voices make you upset or feel hurtful in any way, they have to go. If those voices push you into acting or being in a way that is not unconditionally loving to yourself then it is time to make some change.

The first step is starting to pay attention to those voices. Determine whose voice that really is. Is it your dad’s? Was he kind to himself? To you? Is that voice your mother’s? Brother’s, teacher’s or someone you looked up to? Determine that. Then decide what was the intention of that statement. Is it even a statement that could have a morsel of merit? That person more than likely meant well. Re-create that statement so that it is a loving version of the old one and truly with the intention that you felt was meant behind it. Then when you catch your thoughts going to the old version……stop mid-thought wherever you catch it, if you can and bid the old tape farewell and replace with the old. This is hard to do if you do not deal with the energy pattern stuck with it. There is also usually trauma energy behind these tapes. You would do yourself the biggest and best favor if you did some energetic clearing on that trauma. Everything is energy. Our memories, thoughts, feelings, beliefs are all energy. Energy is meant to be in constant motion. When we hold in our feelings and reactions to things the energy gets trapped in all kinds of places within our bodies. It could be in an organ, tissue, gland, muscle, fascia or somewhere in some energy channel within our bodies called meridians. No matter where it gets stuck and stored it is there until it is located, identified and released. Feelings buried alive never die. That actually is the name of a wonderful book you could treat yourself to written by Karol K. Truman. Until the energy is released you will find yourself on the same rollercoaster over and over again, listening to the same tapes over and over again.

We need to be like the animals that we love so deeply. We love them because of their unconditional love that they always have for us. They love us no matter what we look like or what we do. We need to be that way with ourselves. We can be our own great cheerleaders! We need to be able to lovingly console ourselves and then when we have other good people with love and support around us that is frosting on the cake. Here was my view this morning when I got out of the shower. My loving support team reminding me to love me too!

I am grateful for my animal companions and I am also grateful for the tools that I get to use in the Trailblazing Communications Whole Life System. This is a system that is easily used by anyone with or without prior energy experience. It digs in and locates, identifies and shifts these energies that plague us. It is not until we free the energy will we free the pattern. Once gone, if we stay in an environment that does not re-traumatize us we are good to move on. It really can be that simple. Suffering is an option that we choose. It really is a choice. Life is short so why not chose something else. Chose what supports you in loving you! Happy shifting!