Your Story today

Are you like dorothy?

Have you been searching everywhere, trying everything you can find to help you change how your story reads to something more abundant, healthy, joyful, solid, fun and full?

Have the Flying Monkeys come and robbed you of your dreams and tricked you into believing that you are much less than you truly are? (negative self-talk, outside criticism, media, parents, teachers, partners, society etc.)


Can you relate?

Have you lost touch or closed off your heart connection and passion?  Do you no longer know what and/or who you love and what brings you joy?

Do you have a busy mind with too many browsers open, fall prey to negative self-talk?  Have you lost your connection to your creativity, ideas, thoughts and intuition?

Do you live in fear way more than you would like to admit?  Have you lost the courage to follow your dreams, stay on your path, find a job you actually love, take risks and live a full-out crazy fun adventurous life?

If you answered yes to any of the previous questions, take a deep breath.  We will help you get home, back to Kansas, back home to you. We offer an easy to use process and system so that you can become the best- selling author of your new story and plot twist.  Our tools + you = making locating, identifying and shifting what is in your way to a more aligned authentic life attainable. You and your life are energy and energy can be worked with and shifted.

We offer the tools (pendulum, energy infused pendant, digital app, on-line classes), proven processes (125-page digital protocol PDF), and tribe (Private Facebook Group with 24/7 access to a whole group of like-minded people, mentoring, classes and on-going learning) to allow you to learn in your own style, on your own timing and by your own design.


Your pot-of-gold is truly within reach.  You will be able to take things into your own hands, work from the comfort of your own home and shift your life, re-write your story and get a PhD in you.

If you are ready to say yes to your ruby slippers and are ready to come back home to you and the original story of wonderful beautiful you, get started today by clicking here.  We are ready to have you join us and become a part of our tribe.  It’s time for you to take your power back and be the wizard of your own life and be the author of your own story so that you can live happily, easily and joyfully ever after.


Helping with health, home, pets, business and more…..

I was introduced to Trailblazing Communications in September of 2014, and after seeing example after example of what the program can do, I became a Trailblazer myself in June of 2017. I average 150 sessions per month for friends, family, strangers, and strangers who have become friends. I have helped them with their health, home, pets, business and more. Really the only limit to the program is that of our own minds limiting it. My fulltime gig is taking care of my beautiful niece Miss Libby who lives with Schizencephaly and is nonverbal. We use the program every single day to check in on how she’s doing, what she wants us to know, and to help clear and shift the energy that is bringing her down both emotionally and physically. The information we have been able to uncover utilizing the program is mind blowing and in return, this has helped us help her live her best life. Her Doctors are continually amazed on how she has not needed to be hospitalized and that we always have a pretty good pulse on what is going on with her when we take her to her appointments. Trailblazing Communications has been something that has been so difficult to explain to others, but once experienced you can’t help but be amazed as it is so “spot on” – we can’t even count how many times we have said, “You can’t make this sh** up.”

– Nicole Morrison


Given a new life…….

“In addition to our excitement of finally moving, I am over the moon excited to update my friends and family about the state of my back. As I’m sure most already know, I have severe idiopathic scoliosis. For those who have been physically present in my life in over the past 10 years, I know at one point or another those people have seen the condition dictate and restrict my life from understandable things such as heavy lifting, to unimaginable things like crawling from my front door to my bed after work because the pain wouldn’t allow me to stay upright after most shifts. With the levels of pain I experienced in the past, it is with the most excitement and gratitude that I thank the wonderful Tara Argall for helping me move all the way from Fargo, North Dakota to Denver, Colorado. No, she didn’t come with. She didn’t pack up any boxes. She introduced me to Trailblazing Communications. In January she started treating my pain through energy shifting. Before this, I couldn’t drive more than an hour (sometimes less) without severe pain. My family is truly having the hardest time wrapping their heads around the fact that I not only packed and have been lifting heavy boxes/furniture over the past week, but that I was able to drive all the way out here without back pain. If I never had the pleasure of meeting her and experiencing her amazing work, I honestly don’t think I would have ever been able to move this far. Tara has truly given me a new life and the greatest gift anyone could ever have given to me. I am forever thankful for you and the work you do through Trailblazing Communications.”  

– Courtney E.

Forgiveness and peace…..

My son was having some rather serious medical issues when Myra and I started discussing energy work. I believe we all have energy, but I wasn’t so sure of the idea of being able to change it or that it would help with health issues. Especially from a distance! But, as frustrated as I was with getting minimal results from the medical fields and the side effects my son was dealing with, I was ready to try anything. Myra worked on him over a couple of days with just the basic medical information, same as I would give a doctor. My son is very emotionally sensitive and had some very heart breaking things happen to him. Things that I shared with very few people and Myra had no idea about.  Myra called me a few days later and said “I’m finding that this is not a physical issue, but emotional.” She then went on to  list the emotions she was reading off my son. She hit the nail on the head. I had goosebumps it was so accurate. She could see him pushing away from the people that had hurt him and pulling towards those he felt safer with. We had a great discussion about what I could do for him and what he needed to do mentally and emotionally to help the healing begin. She transferred energy to where he needed it and cleared the areas that were holding him back. Again, I was a little skeptical on how this would work or help him, but that transformation was dramatic. His seizure issue was gone, not only did we not see one, we couldn’t induce one like we had in the past. He was like a new kid. He no longer moped around the house, claiming no one liked him. He was confident and happy! And most remarkable, he no longer hated the people that had hurt him so badly.

–  Brandy S.

My home feels aligned & so do I…..

“Thank you Marilyn and Trailblazing Communications! With your help, programs, and Divine team my house just had an energy upgrade – and so did I! Switching my home frequency from -50 to +50 and then gradually up to +96 has been like the ultimate spring cleaning. I felt the effects personally as I was suddenly inspired and motivated to step away from my computer, get off the couch and do a number of big home improvement projects in a very short period of time.  I work at uplifting my personal frequency and it feels great to have my home frequency in alignment with my own.”

– K.H.


The business impact has been remarkable…..

I purchased the Trailblazing Communications Whole Life System nearly one year ago, and the impact it has made on my business has been remarkable. I have used it for simple decisions such as what color to paint the office walls to things as complex as defining our marketing strategy, marketing materials, social media and company image to get the more done in less time, with better results.

Overall, the program has been a really great tool to help us prioritize what to focus on, and when, in our fast growing business where everything feels like a priority and resources are limited.  

– K.B.


A process we can all learn & do……

“I’ve worked with Tara Argall on a number of occasions over the years. She has helped me to better understand and care for the animals in my life. Tara has an uncanny ability to tap into the higher intelligence of those who cannot speak for themselves, both human and animals.  This has translated in the creating of her programs and the  Trailblazing Communications Whole Life System. She has painstakingly mapped out the steps through which each of us can learn to do the same.  With this work, there is tremendous potential to change lives.  I would highly recommend taking a look!”

– Edie Falco – Hollywood Actress


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