Affiliate Program


We are so glad that you have decided to become an affiliate with us.

We were excited to be able to help you with your physical, emotional, relational, spiritual and situational issues in your life and now to put the frosting on the cake, we are able to provide you with the means to assist with the financial part of your life as well.

As a previous counselor for over 20 years, I know that financial woes keep people up at night. We could not be more excited to now be able to offer you a very generous residual income for just sharing what you love and use for yourself, your family, friends, clients and fur babies. It really is that easy.  You just need to sign up, share this opportunity by giving the affiliate link that you will be given at sign-up, with anyone that you want to help to make their lives be amazingly abundant as well.

We are paying out on a two-tier system. It is not just a one-time payout but you get paid every month that your referral maintains their digital app subscription.  The first tier you are paid 20% of the digital app purchase monthly which is a generous $30.00 per month.  If that referee refers someone, that first tier they receive a 20% commission and you receive an additional 5% monthly for as long as they maintain their digital app subscription.  The 5% second tier payout equates to $7.50 per month as well.  Again this is how you will be compensated each month for sharing what you love.

Times are a changing and having a nest egg of a residual income coming in can be peace of mind in hard times. Financial advisors and investment strategists say that we all should have 7 streams of income to shield ourselves during hard times.  Trailblazing Communications can be a powerful one of those for you and your family.


If you were not referred to Trailblazing Communications by anyone you can register at

If you are referring someone to Trailblazing Communications you will have a special link for them to register.  The graphic below will show you were you can find that link as well as some of the other benefits of the affiliate program such as a banner ad for your website & marketing materials.

  1. Web address to login into affiliate site
  2. Click on “Manage Account” to see your info
  3. The link you will share with people for them to sign up underneath you
  4. Click on “Marketing Materials” for the drop down menu of supplements provided by Trailblazing Communications
  5. Click on “Banner” to get the details on how to add a banner ad to your website that will bring people to your affiliate page
  6. Click on “PDF Marketing Brochure” to download marketing materials created by Trailblazing Communications for you to use such as a shareable worksheet.

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