The Trailblazing Communications Whole Life System® is a digital tool with 13-different modules that come together in a an easy to use web-based app for many purposes and uses, as versatile as your intention and creativity.

Here are just some of the ways we have used these tools:

  • To communicate with people who are non-verbal, giving the opportunity to express their ideas, feelings and needs.
  • To communicate with our animal companions and wild animals to understand their needs, wants and obtain the messages that they wish for us to hear.  
  • To clear and shift (dowse) stagnant, negative and unwanted energies from your home, business or living space.  Out with the old and in with the new to include the energies of the leftover inhabitants’ energies both human and animal.
    • Some benefits of dowsing:
      • Improved sleep
      • Changes in health and mood
      • Motivational changes
      • Removes clutter
      • Brings in abundance and a feeling of well-being
      • And so much more!!!


  • Tap into the energies of your home or business to get a pulse on insights, changes, self-care needs, new directions, new innovation and staying current to market trends and adjustments wanted or needed to achieve your business goals or vision.  Be your own business coach or guru.
  • Ability to support, shift, clear and improve your side of any relationship and situation for understanding the reason or season for each and every relationship to support your growth and forward momentum.  Change you…. change the world.
  • Dig into the layers of deep-seated or ingrained patterns or ways of being in a layered approach to be able to powerfully and gently remove the barriers to your sought-after goals and dreams.
  • Identify and release the programming that short circuits your energetic hard drive that keeps you in a holding pattern and in a state of just going through the motions.
  • The ability to tap into your body’s’ innate wisdom to communicate, formulate and understand your unique dietary, exercise, nutritional (foods, vitamins, minerals, supplements), emotional needs for a direct line of communication to regain or maintain healthy body balance and function.
  • Gently and easily discover and release old karmic holds that limit you.  Releasing old holds and stories, thus reducing drama and trauma.
  • Locate, identify and shift old unresolved generational trauma (epigenetics), as well as your own past traumas, clearing the way for your body to readjust, realign and flow into a more peaceful calm and healthier state of being and relating.
  • Provides the ability to support Mother Nature (plants, soil, air, minerals, water and animals) by shifting and restoring the effects of pollution, degradation, erosion and neglect bringing better health and vibrance to all of God’s creations.
  • Provides the ability to tap into, via intention, any pondering, question or situation and receive Divine guidance for action, session focus, understanding or insight.



“The information and processes contained in these materials are intended for personal use and not intended to diagnose, treat or be used for medical treatment or any type of action taken on behalf of you or anyone else. This program is intended for communication purposes only and the user is responsible to and for any information they obtain by using this program. User accepts all responsibility for information and actions taken on behalf of that information.” It is highly recommended that user utilizes professional expertise and advice when considering taking any actions on behalf of themselves, their animals or any other people they may communicate with using this process.”